Lissachatina fulica White Jade

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Sale shell size is 4-5 cm

Source: Captive Bred

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  • Short care sheet for Lissachatina fulica

Origin: Kenya & Tanzania, East Africa

Size: up to 15 cm

Temperature: 2325C 

Humidity: 75-80%

Difficulty Level: Easy

Lissachatina fulica is one of the most common African land snail species in captivity and the reason is very simple – it is great choice for beginners!

They are nocturnal, so don’t expect a lot of activity from them during day time, but they can wake up and come to eat if you will put a fresh food into their enclosure or if you will make a warm shower. As most of the snails it feeds on variety of vegetables and fruits and need a permanent access to source of calcium (cuttle fish bones or plain white chalk).

Giant African Snails are a burrowing and so this is pretty messy – regular cleaning will be necessary. This is not recommended to use enclosures with significant height as they might fall and damage their shell badly. So horizontal design is the best option for them, substrate layer should be not less than 10 cm as it is critical for

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