Lobster Roach (Nauphoeta cinerea)

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Short care sheet for Lobster Roach (Nauphoeta cinerea):

Origin: Caribic (originally, introduced to other regions as well)

Size: up to 3 cm

Temperature: 25-30C 

Humidity: Low (the colony will create humidity level roaches need)

Difficulty Level: Very easy

Very hardy and prolific species slightly smaller than famous Dubia Roach, can be used for feeding of reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas, mantids and any other carnivorous invertebrate and vertebrate species.

They are good climbers and can glide (but can’t fly), so protective barrier (i.e. petrolatum layer) and firmly closed cage are highly recommended (be aware – this species can survive in warm room conditions).

Lobster Roach (N. cinerea) are omnivores  and can recycle almost everything (except plastic and metal), but more natural is fruits/vegetables diet.

Females are just a bit bigger and wider than males, which are more slender and active. This species is ovoviviparous, i.e. they are bringing live nymphs.

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