Thailand Black Scorpion (Chaerilus cimrmani)

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Venomous species!

Source: Captive bred

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Short care sheet for Chaerilus cimrmani:

Origin: Southern Thailand

Size: up to 5 cm 

Temperature: 25-30C

Humidity: 70-80%

Difficulty Level: Easy

Important: This is a VENOMOUS species and although it is not deadly for human it must be kept with all possible precaution!

Relatively small, but very calm and robust species from Thailand. Very easy to keep, perfect choice for a beginner – very low toxicity!

As this scorpion origins from tropical region it needs relatively high humidity, so substrate you will keep it on must stay wet (but not moist, water excess must be removed!). As good substrate can be used mix of sphagnum moss & Habitat Jungle Bio Substrate

Feeding is very easy – scorpions are feeding on almost any insect of appropriate size, including crickets, morio worms, locusts etc.

Solitary housing for young specimens, adults can be kept communally.

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