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Urchin Beetle (Prionotheca coronata)

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Short care sheet for Urchin Beetle (Prionotheca coronata):

Origin: Middle East

Size: up to 3 cm

Temperature: 24-28C day / 20-22C night

Humidity: 50-60%

Difficulty Level: Easy

Urchin Beetle (Prionotheca coronata) is an interesting species from Middle East that inhabits desert environment. Similarly to scarabs they were worshipped as symbols of divinity by ancient Egyptians.

Its keeping is very straight forward – they are feeding on wide range of vegs and fruits as well as on dead insects and even fish flakes. It needs day and night temperature cycle and can be kept on sand as substrate.

This is pretty active animal that is completely harmless to humans and can be handled with due care.

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