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Western Tailless Whip Scorpion (Damon medius)

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Adult specimens.

Source: Wild Caught

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Short care sheet for Damon medius:

Origin: West Africa

Size: up to 3-4 cm (body without legs)

Temperature: 24-26C

Humidity: 70-80%

First of all despite of its trivia name – Tailless Whip Scorpion – this creature is absolutely harmless, the worst it can do is pricking or pinching your fingers with long forelimbs.

From other side they are very fragile, so they must be handled with extreme cautiousness (in fact, the best option is to avoid handling). If a limb or its part will be missing though scorpion will regenerate it after several moults – important to mention that it has time as this species can live up to 15-20 years.

As Damon medius is a large species it will need spacious enclosure. Group of 1 male and 2-3 females can be kept in a tank of size 40x40x45 cm. Put in there cork bark and wooden branches to provide animals with plenty of hiding opportunities, also a water bowl with clean water must be presented.

To maintain proper humidity substrate layer should be 3-6 cm, it is conventional mix of top soil, sand and sphagnum moss.

Despite of this overall size Damon medius are feeding on small crickets, roaches, flies and other small insects.

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