Cat Eye Mantis (Heterochaeta orientalis)

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Short care sheet for Cat Eye Mantis:

Origin: East Africa (Ethiopia, Kenia, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania)

Size: up to 15 cm (females, males are smaller)

Temperature: 25-30C day / up to 20C night

Humidity: 40-60%

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Another name of Cat Eye Mantis is Giant African Stick Mantis and this is one of longest representatives of mantid world. This is why they needs spacious enclosure with height of 3 mantis lengths and width of 2 mantis lengths. Even L2 nymphs are almost 4 cm big!

Also this is important to remember that this species has feeding specialisation for flying objects and so their raptorial legs tibia (claws with spikes) are much shorter than by most of this species relatives. So even adult insects are hunting on small objects like Green or Blue Bottle Flies.

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