Rainbow Crab (Cardisoma armatum)

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One of the best crab species for beginners!
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Short care sheet for Rainbow Crab (Cardisoma armatum):

Origin: West coast of Africa

Size: up to 7-12 cm

Temperature: 24-29C

Humidity: 75+%

Water pH: semi-terrestrial species

Difficulty Level: Easy

Rainbow Crabs (Cardisoma armatum) are very bright when young or freshly molted – they have blue carapace and orange legs, but with ageing it coloration turns to dirty yellow with reddish spots. It’s life span is 5-8 years.

This species is very easy to keep and so it is suitable for beginners, although this is important to remember that large crabs needs large enclosures (90L min requirement). Another thing to know is that they are burrowing and spend daytime in their burrows. Be ready that they will be turning over all decoration or water bowls (at least – they will try to) and destroy all live plants as they are omnivores.

And so here is no issue at all to feed them – they will be happy with fruits, vegs, any animal origin proteins (no prepared fried, salted, spicy food please!), fish flakes, tablets, conserves. Leaf litter should be presented all the time (Oak or Indian Almond leaves must be presented in their enclosure permanently!) as well as source of calcium (for example, plain white chalk)

As this is often happens with semi-freshwater species C. armatum is extremely difficult to breed in captivity due to its breeding cycle (salt water and tiny larvae that requires microscopic zooplankton).

As other crab species these crabs can regenerate lost limbs after one or two molts.

Also be aware – this species is not communal at all and crabs will be attacking and killing each other!

Be aware – grown up Cardisoma armatum is strong animal and can pinch painfully, so don’t give it a chance. Also they are escape artists and can break through poorly made lids (not to mention poorly closed lids or doors). So check everything carefully after feeding or handling, although they will not die immediately this is not good for their health to spend time in non optimal conditions.

IMPORTANT INFO: Crabs coloration may vary, some of them can be brighter, some more dull.

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