The Future of Nutrition – Complete Gecko Food 60g

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For all fruit & veg eating geckos: Fortified with real fruit, quality proteins, vitamins, black soldier fly larvae and bee pollen.

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Pets2Wholesale gecko food is a complete diet containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, bee pollen and bugs as standard.

We, Pets2Wholesale, have spent many years constantly refining and testing our diets into very best options options for your reptiles. It is backed by many breeders and keepers as the ultimate choice in reptile nutrition.

Only the best ingredients are used within our food and of course its boosted by our very own calcivit broad spectrum vitamin powder, giving your reptile everything it needs to thrive.

Feeding recommendation:

Mix 1 part powder with 2 parts of water. You are free to use more or less water to achieve the desired consistency (mixture will thicken after a few minutes). Refrigerate pre-mixed food for up to 5 days in an air-tight container. Opened or resealed pockets are good for 6 months if stored at room temperature.

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